About me


Let me intro­duce myself. I was born in Sheffield, York­shire, lived and worked in Lon­don for twenty years, and now live in Glas­gow, Scot­land. I have just left news­pa­per jour­nal­ism and am look­ing to make some money in PR and social media. This blog, my twit­ter feed and my web­sites are essen­tially an attempt to embrace the mod­ern world. But as a chance to air my views and dis­cuss world events, this seems too much of an oppor­tu­nity to turn down.

I think I reflect the gen­eral views of many middle-aged, middle-class, white males in the UK — slightly dis­il­lu­sioned, bemused and irri­tated. How­ever, the details will always vary accord­ing to per­sonal expe­ri­ence. My views have been formed on the pic­ture desks of national news­pa­pers, where I have expe­ri­enced some things first hand and many more through the eyes and ears of oth­ers. I would like to share them with you.

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